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D.D.STEP is a high-quality children brand founded by a 3rd generation shoemaker family, started from men shoes, ladies shoes to kids shoes. It was a combination of invention and craftsmanship that's remained at the heart of what we do. And whilst now, every pair of our shoes begins with a last carved by hand and advanced construction techniques help us deliver perfection walking experience for the future master of our world.


Each step of a child is our responsibility. Each decision, each shoe we made today decide how the world will be like and how the kids will be grow. With our iconic 3D STITCH construction which use 70% less chemicals in production for better world and better health, while without compromising in comfortability and quality, we created the brand D.D.STEP. 



We always believe "LESS IS MORE". The new 3D stitching technology offers the ultimate in comfort and flexibility while reducing the use of glue and chemicals.

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The D.D.Step BAREFOOT shoe is designed to mimic barefoot walking. The sole of the shoe adapts to the shape of the foot and ensures maximum sensation of the surface.


It is critical for our children to always wear suitable footwear, for both their age and the shape of their feet.  Majority of the kids won’t need specialist shoes of course, as their feet muscles will become strong enough as part of their natural growth process to properly and adequately hold their weight, thus no posture problems will arise.

However, occasionally we may need to help the feet of the child to create the proper support structure required. The kids’ tiny feet need to be protected via proper shoe support, in order to avoid the overstretching of the ligaments and muscle system around the heels, therefore we need to buy them shoes with stronger backstay, which provides a firm hold, but with a flexible sole.  Making them wear shoes with a supination will further assist this process.


Supination simply means that we bend the sole adequately to line up the heel (make it parallel with) the axis of the shin, thus preventing the formation of knock-knees or any pain during walk, and thus avoiding the creation of a fallen (flattened) arch, scoliosis, or an overstretching or potential injury of the knee ligaments.



A DDStep | SUN REACTIVE shoes react to UV light, the transformation begins when there is a strong UV source.


Waterproof footwear is equipped with a special membrane material that absorbs and removes sweat, while not allowing water and moisture into the inside of the shoe.