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About Us

About us
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Our story

Step into the world of D.D.STEP, where generations of shoemaking expertise create shoes for adventurous souls! Our journey began with fine men's footwear, then elegant women's shoes, and now vibrant children's shoes. From small beginnings, we've become a leader in children's fashion, driven by decades of expertise and a pursuit of excellence. What started as a modest workshop is now Hungary's top destination for kids' shoes. Despite our growth, our passion and teamwork remain strong.


Each pair of D.D.STEP shoes reflects our dedication to perfection, crafted with care from start to finish. Using hand-carved lasts and modern techniques, we create footwear that not only looks great but also provides exceptional support and comfort. Our shoes are designed to nurture and support the next generation, ensuring that every step your child takes is a step towards a healthier, happier future.

Manufactoring footwear

Manufacturing footwear
SINCE 1980



Technology | 3D stiching:

D.D.STEP was established as a small business. Our team has over decades developed a real know-how and has won prestige and recognition. From the original small workshop with a few craftsmen, we have become today one of the leading kids' footwear brand in Hungary. We have grown in size, but the spirit of initial enthusiasm and solidarity has remained the same.

Natural leather

We are committed to environmentally friendly practices in our operations. We make our products exclusively from genuine leather, which is particularly important to us as a naturally degradable material, as it further enhances our respect for the environment. We take every step to minimise our ecological footprint and promote sustainability, ensuring that our products meet the highest environmental standards. All our leather supply partners are certified by the Leather Working Group, ensuring high quality and sustainable leather use.

Forest Road

Eco-friendly solutions

Responsible and Sustainable Rubber Processing

We use only rubber from responsible farms for our products, supporting sustainable agriculture and protecting the environment. The rubber we use comes from farms that are committed to ethical and environmentally friendly practices. Choose responsible and green solutions and support the future of our planet!

Discover our products that are not only high quality, but also contribute to building a sustainable future. Do your part for the environment, choose our products!

Eco-friendly Shoeboxes

Our shoe boxes are made from recycled paper, reducing waste and protecting the environment. All our boxes are made with sustainability in mind, helping to protect the planet. Using recycled paper not only helps reduce waste, but also promotes responsible use of resources.

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